How we work

Step 1 – Designed on Computer

The first stage of the design process begins using computer aided by specialist design software. This is where artwork can either be drawn from scratch or by using existing artwork provided by the customer.

Step 2 – Solution Implemented

Once artwork is designed, it can now be cut onto vinyl using a plotter or digitally printed on our digital printer. If various colours are used, we stock a wide variety of vinyl to meet your exact colour requirements.

Step 3 – ‘Weeding’ process

Once the Plotter has cut all of the artwork, the ‘weeding’ process begins. Weeding is where the artwork is cut out by hand using a sharp knife from the remaining vinyl that was put into the plotter. This is now placed onto the sign.

Step 4 – Ready for Collection

The signage is now complete and ready for collection by the customer. If something larger was required such as shop fronts etc, this would be fitted at the shop premises on a suitable day.

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